Assess your CPG

Start assessing your CPG
One of the results of TRAM-S has been the development of a practical test whose results allow us to make decisions on the actions that need to be carried out in order to promote a new clinical practice guideline (CPG).

The fact is that the elaboration of a CPG does not conclude with the completion of the deliverable, as it needs to be disseminated and promoted among those interested in order to put their interventions or recommendations into practice, thus optimising attention to patients, relatives and even the healthy population in general.

Do you have a new CPG or an updated version of an existing one that you'd like to promote? Carry out the test and get different strategies according to the results obtained. It'll be quick and you can start straight away:

Question 0

Has your CPG obtained an average score equal to or higher than 4.5 in item 1 of the Overall Assessment section in the AGREE II questionnaire?*

* We recommend that this score matches the average marks awarded by at least four reviewers of the aforementioned item of the questionnaire.

1) Does the CPG include references and is it linked to other existing CPGs that allow you to examine its specificity in depth?
2) Does the CPG approach a pathology that has no previous mentions in the, y databases? Is it innovative?
3) Has the CPG been drawn up following the guidelines of a style manual?
4) Is the CPG an updated or improved version of one previously elaborated?
5) Does the CPG approach a pathology or does it include recommendations subject to frequent scientific debate? Is it groundbreaking? Does it disagree with the recommendations of the pharmaceutical industry, or is it covered by the mass media?
6) Do the CPG authors foresee obtaining financial resources for promoting it or can they access them?
7) Do CPG authors belong to a network of knowledge or a centre of excellence on the pathology dealt with in the CPG?
8) Do CPG authors have a pre-existing digital platform of their own? (Blog, forum, website etc.).
9) Has the CPG been commissioned or funded by an institutional sponsor?
10) Have most of the authors or the organisation in charge of the CPG previously drawn up and promoted other CPGs?
11) Is the CPG the result of any medical conference, convention or symposium? Does it form a part of any, or will it be presented at any?